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Health and Protection Insurance System

Develop and deliver for a global market

Visuel Actisure Cloud

Your flexible healthcare insurance management solution

In today’s global, digital and fast-paced world, your users, agents and customers need access to real-time, accurate data. You must support new sales channels and improve your loss ratio by driving down high cost processes, more efficiently managing complex processes and increasing regulatory intervention. That’s why you need a solution designed to meet these needs and support global operations, shorter time-to-market, drive innovation through product agility and respond quickly to regulatory and other market changes. Actisure addresses all of these challenges. A flexible, service oriented software platform, Actisure enables leading insurers to manage domestic and international books of business, with implementations across Europe, North America, Middle East, Asia Pacific and Africa. Actisure has been designed to meet the specific needs of the health insurance industry, for full insurers, managing agents, TPAs and BPO suppliers of all sizes. With increased management capabilities, Actisure can be implemented rapidly, and easily configured to handle all local and global requirements (territory, currency, taxes, legal entities, language and regulatory framework)

Millions of invoices processed
15 years’ experience
A presence on all five continent

Helping you achieve your operational goals

Health and Protection Insurance System

Health and Protection Insurance System

Health and Protection Insurance System Actisure is a modern, best of breed application which allows insurers to implement a single, fully integrated solution, consisting of back office business management applications, front-end digital portals and an extensive integration layer, and replace multiple existing systems.

Key benefits of the Actisure Solution
Faster time to market

Highly configurable and based on industry best practices, Actisure enables you to roll out new, innovative products quickly and consistently.

Digitize your operations

Actisure facilitates the efficient digitalization of your operations, supporting multi-channel distribution and ensuring that customers and agents can access real-time, accurate data from any device

Operational excellence
Through configuration, Insurers can drive automation across their business, and design work processes for the efficient handling of any exceptions which require manual intervention, with configurable SLA tracking and automated escalation capability.

Discover the three main areas of Actisure

Product Management

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Policy Administration

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Claims Processing

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