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Product Management

Insurers' needs

Insurers' needs

To handle complexity, insurers need a highly configurable system that readily adapts to local and international market requirements. Domestic insurers need to manage private models, capitation models, social insurance models and top-up models, whereas International insurers needs to create global products that comply with local regulations around the world, operating within the local health ecosystem and increasingly satisfying data residency requirements. Actisure is an enabler to your business and your strategy, in both the short and long term. To handle complexity, the system supports your drive for growth, operational efficiencies and meeting market demands. .

Product Rationalisation
At Cegedim Insurance Solutions, we recognise that supporting international operations requires far more than just the ability to handle multi-currency.

That’s why Actisure’s Product Management tool is designed to allow the myriad of complexities found in global markets to be rationalised into single product offerings, both speeding up time to market and reducing ongoing maintenance.
Vary Product rules and limits based on territory within a single product
A particular service not permitted in a certain country or countries? Reflect this in your product design rather than introducing duplication within your product library.
Define third party arrangement rules within a single Product
The arrangements between the insurer and brokers, fronting agents, underwriters, reinsurers, legal entities and third-party administrators can be incredibly complex within International health insurance, with relationships varying by territory and services offered – reflect this within your Product design.
Define products to cover fully insured, self-funded and combinations of the two
With the flexibility to create product offerings related to health insurance, such as Travel, AD&D, Life and Critical Illness.
Build your products rapidly with Actisure Product Creator wizard
Employing a building block approach, with copy/paste and drag & drop functionality (including between individual products). Over 100 building blocks and growing.
The Product creator enforces legal product construction
And includes tools for running product comparisons and releases between environments.
Tailored products

Tailored Products

One of the key factors that leads to extensive product libraries, and subsequently creates an ever-increasing maintenance overhead, is the requirement to tailor products for specific customers.

Much of this is addressed via Actisure’s product rationalisation capabilities, however Actisure allows you to go a step further by moving the level where tailoring takes place from the Product down to the Policy itself.

This capability alone has seen some of clients reduce their product library by a factor of 10 when moving their business to Actisure.

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