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Best of Breed Partnerships

Best of Breed Partnerships

Best of breed partnerships
Best of Breed Partnerships

Whilst we continue to invest heavily in further Actisure capability, we also look to develop partnerships with best of breed technology partners that offer solutions which complement what we do. This allows us to focus on what we do best – develop core insurance administration systems, and leverage ancillary products to provide added value easily and quickly.

Why build it when someone else has already done it better?

These partnerships allow us to offer a wide range of additional capability:

  • Chatbots
  • Automated Underwriting tools
  • AI / Machine Learning driven Claims Fraud, Waste and Abuse detection systems
  • Case Management tools
  • Medical Code Mapping tools
  • Document Capture (OCR) systems
  • International Payment & Tracking systems
Third-party systems
Why integrate third-party systems?

These third-party systems can be integrated with Actisure via the Actisure Open layer, allowing our clients to take advantage of the capability they offer without the added complication of interacting with multiple vendors. The Best of Breed partner solutions are modular, allowing our clients to pick and choose which they wish to take, however some of these tools also complement each other and optimise processing that takes place within Actisure.

Example of multiple best of breed partner solutions enhancing the claims process