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Global Expertise

Cegedim, an international presence

Global expertise
A global expertise

Cegedim Group has unique expert knowledge across the entire healthcare industry and is the leader in each of the sectors in which it operates, delivering solutions for health professionals, the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare insurance.

Cegedim Insurance Solutions is a business unit dedicated to the personal insurance sector. It is present on every continent, with insurance provider customers in 21 countries around the world.

international markets
Built for international markets

As insurers look to international markets to fuel growth, they are faced with a new set of challenges when compared to managing a purely domestic, single currency market. Systems provision has typically been based around the support of one core market. While these may provide high levels of support for domestic operations, it is our experience that insurers find it hard to extend domestic system into international operations.

That’s why Cegedim Insurance Solutions designed Actisure for international operations. It is a misconception that multi-currency capability is the only requirement of an international system. Reality is far more complex and multi-currency is but one of several factors required to provide high levels of service and automation for an international book of business.

Domestic markets
What about domestic markets?

Through its combination of international operational functionality, deep configuration options and extensive suite of web services, Actisure can be easily tailored for any domestic market, and integrated with the relevant third-parties that may be required in territory. With Actisure, the domestic insurer has all of the tools at their disposal to future-proof their operations, able to easily expand into ancillary lines of business as well as into new territories.