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Innovating to offer you the right solutions for your needs.

Looking ahead
Always looking ahead

Cegedim group's values are based on our unwavering desire to provide innovative products in step with both our customers’ changing needs and developments in technology.

A company with a vision for innovation

Innovation is not just a state of mind, it is a real process. Cegedim Insurance Solutions looks to strategically partner with “Best of Breed” software suppliers, allowing our solutions to leverage from some of the latest, cutting edge technologies that are both already established and emerging in today’s market.

This includes evaluating and integrating with solutions that offer functionality such as:

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence driven Fraud
Waste and Abuse detection – fully automated solutions which analyse your data, identify patterns and trends and then flag anything suspicious.
Medical Semantic Networks
vast data networks, taken from multiple global sources, that establish the correlation between medical conditions, procedures and pharmaceuticals. This allows medical necessity and contraindications to be automatically detected.
Optical Character Recognition
fully digitise paper documentation, enabling automated processing of paper claims etc
Global Payment Solutions
consolidated solution for simplifying global collections and payments, simplifying the complex landscape of currencies, exchange rates and myriad of payment methods/styles
Automated Underwriting / Risk Rating solution
fully automate complex medical underwriting and risk rating – allows more sales online without human intervention and accelerate customer experience
Many others
Best of breed candidates

We identify “Best of Breed” candidates based on the following selection criteria:

  • Will is save our client’s money / time?
  • Will it improve our client’s operational efficiency?
  • Is the technology modern and compatible with Actisure?