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Actisure Open

An open system that allows greater ease of integration with various third-party systems and applications.


An open system that allows greater ease of integration

At Cegedim Insurance Solutions we recognise that insurers operate within a complex technical landscape in which our solutions play their own dedicated role, and the importance of being to access and analyse your data efficiently.
For these reasons, Actisure is built with connectivity in mind
we achieve this through a variety of methods:
Extensive Web Service Library
  • Actisure Open features an extensive library of 100s of web service methods, which are continually being added to and evolved in line with most modern technologies
  • Integrations can be established in various manners, including real-time, near real-time and batch
  • Actisure has been deployed in incredibly complex landscapes, including policy only and claims only scenarios
Market Adaptors
  • Where we encounter market specific standards for electronic data submissions, we build market specific adaptors for translating directly from these data formats to Actisure’s – simplifying the integration process
Management Information Database
  • Actisure includes a dedicated management information database, into which Production data is copied, ensuring that no onerous reporting tasks have any impact on your production system. During this copy, the data structure is flattened and simplified, resulting in data which is faster to read and requiring less storage space
Event Driven Messaging
  • Configuration tools within Actisure allow electronic data messages to be constructed and triggered by system events (i.e. a policy enlivens, a claim is paid). This is useful for when an activity when Actisure needs to issue a notification to a third-party application
Partner Integrations
  • Over the 20+ years we’ve been deploying Actisure, we have established many integrations with various vendors, such as banks and other payment vendors, CRMs, general ledgers, reporting tools and many more. This gives us a solid foundation for establishing new integrations (if not reusing existing ones)
  • Part of our ongoing strategy is in identifying “best of breed” third party solutions, with which we integrate in order to leverage their functionality within Actisure – such as AI fraud waste and abuse solutions. Why build it if someone else already does it?

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