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Actisure Core

A back-office system built from the ground up to specifically support international and domestic health insurance

Actisure Core

A product in constant evolution to adapt to its market

Actisure Core is the back office operating system designed from the ground up to support the full end-to-end lifecycle of health insurance administration. In production for almost 20 years, including with 4 out of the top 10 global health insurers, Actisure continues to evolve, incorporating functionality needed to support worldwide health insurance markets, whilst also allowing the insurer to customise the system to their own unique requirements, quickly react to regulatory changes, take advantage of market opportunities as they arise, and set themselves aside from the competition.

Configuration tools allowing self-sufficiency and the ability to evolve your business
Actisure is built with configuration in mind, providing a wide array of configuration tools – aimed at the business user via intuitive interfaces.

Configure and maintain

Claims rules
Medical code mapping
Data capture
Workflow processes
Accounting rules
Custom rules
Automating processes to drive efficiencies and cost savings
Actisure enables automation in several key areas, designed to improve processing efficiency whilst significantly reduce operational costs.
Claims Straight Through Processing
Fully automate your claims received through a variety of channels. Automated claims are adjudicated via Actisure’s configurable claims engine – enforcing any rules, limits, provider network/agreements and your own custom rules – ensuring that the outcome is consistent with your Product terms.
Billing and payments
Through integration with the collection/payment vendors of your choice, Actisure allows your to fully automate your premium collection and claims/commission payments, in line with the payer/payees preferred terms. Automate credit control processes for lapsed premium collections, and offset provider and third-party clawbacks against future payments.
Actisure’s fully configurable accounting engine automatically posts the relevant double entry accounting postings to your chart of accounts with every Actisure event that results in financial movement.
Policy renewals
Enable passive policy renewal at Product and/or policy level, allowing perpetual rolling renewals to take place without intervention.
Once your document and email outputs have been designed and launched, configure the events and criteria for automatic issuance.

Rich functionality for driving your operations


Rich functionality for driving your operations

Actisure is built for health insurance – with all functionality being central to health lines of business. Features introduced over two decades, to support requirements requested for territories spanning from California to Shanghai – Actisure has out-of-the-box support for both your current business operations and those that you may want to explore in the future.

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