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Manage domestic insurance successfully

Shorten time-to-market, drive innovation, respond quickly to regulatory changes and gain a much deeper understanding of the customer to influence and lower risk.


Domestic insurance, a sector in full mutation

Two huge shifts are completely revolutionizing healthcare:

  • The need to tame runaway cost inflation, which is spawning new incentives and payment structures,
  • Digital health, which is democratizing data and empowering customers.
  • Evolving medical technology and increasing demand for better health care has resulted in a significant rise in the demand for health insurance. As private health insurers seek to optimise their costs, focus on differential value and move from a short-term transaction to a longer-term partnership in which the insurer and the insured collaborate to improve health behaviours and health outcomes, they need a powerful, flexible global platform with an innovative and digital approach.
With Actisure, Cegedim Insurance Solutions empowers domestic health insurers to:
Provide a first class customer and partner experience
  • Deploy the Actisure Digital range of portals and outsource business processes directly to the customer (individual and corporate) as well as business partners such as brokers, third-party administrators, reinsurers and more.
  • Actisure’s automation capability ensures that transactions are turned around quickly, with the customer receiving real-time notifications and updates.
Reduce costs and increase productivity
  • Fully automate claims processing with Actisure’s adjudication engine.
  • Leverage AI driven behavioural and peer analysis to flag and prevent fraud, waste and abuse.
Ensure faster time to market
  • Actisure’s configurable Product engine utilises a ‘building block’ approach to construct and launch new products in hours and days, not days and weeks, allowing the insurer to take advantage of market opportunities as and when they present themselves.
  • React to regulatory changes quickly through front-end user configuration.
Underpin future growth
  • Deployed in a manner that allows Actisure applications to scale with business growth, both horizontally and vertically.
  • Able to support multiple territories, currencies, legal entities and business lines, Actisure provides the insurer with a platform that allows them to realise potential future growth and expansion of their business model.