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Unique expertise on the healthcare value chain

Payer to partner
Move from payer to partner

In an increasingly regulated context, with rising healthcare expenditure, and new entrants waiting to ambush, innovation is not a luxury but a necessity to achieve differentiation. Insurers play a crucial role in the health sector worldwide but their role varies significantly depending on country-specific health and welfare policies. On the international stage, the common factor is that insurers need to change and are trying to move from a simple “payer role” to that of a partner – a reference point (or “partner”) for all their customers’ health related needs.

Successful transformation
How can insurers transform successfully?

Digitisation has been penetrating the healthcare sector in the same way it has penetrated all other activities of daily life. It connects all of the key stakeholders: patients, healthcare providers, partners and insurers, providing real-time transparency of healthcare related activity.

Not only is digital capability expected in today’s market, but embracing your digital revolution is a great opportunity – providing an enhanced customer experience through real-time self-service capability, whilst also improving operational efficiency and reducing operating costs.

Digital innovations
Digital innovations to support insurers’ revolution

To help insurers play a new role in the healthcare system, Cegedim offers a range of digital solutions aimed at the various stakeholders and the different stages in the healthcare journey.

Actisure Digital

To compliment the Actisure Core health insurance administration system, Cegedim have developed ‘Actisure Digital’ – a platform of interconnected digital portals designed to provide out-of-the-box self-service capability to all players in the health insurance / healthcare chain. With dedicated portals aimed at prospects, the insured members, corporate clients, brokers and other third-parties, a separate ‘Insurer’ portal provides administrative tools for managing access, configuring rules and designed content across the platform.

Actisure Digital is designed in a modular fashion, allowing insurers to adopt the full package, or to deploy any combination of individual portals to complement their existing digital landscape.

Health focus
Health focus

Cegedim focus entirely on solutions designed for the health insurance / health care markets, and as such have a wide range of additional digital solutions that can be leveraged to improve your customer/partner experience, such as tools for remote consultations – something that has become increasingly important in recent years.

These tools allow you to provide additional benefit to your customers, whilst also offering attractive incentives to providers within your network.

Where it all comes together
Where it all comes together

To connect a digital eco-system, insurers need to implement a shared platform, linking its components to accelerate its digital transformation. The hub of this eco-system is Actisure Core – Cegedim’s end-to-end solution for managing the full lifecycle of both domestic and international health insurance.

Deliver your customers and partners an improved experience with a first class digital platform, whilst improving efficiency and reducing operational costs by promoting self-service activity and fully automating the claims process.