Activus rebrands to Cegedim Insurance Solutions to drive the international Division’s expansion


Cegedim Insurance Solutionssupport the transformation of your business

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Cegedim Insurance Solutions accompanies the insurers to meet the needs of their business today and tomorrow, and give their customers the experience they demand.

Our solutions enable business transformation and give our customers the competitive edge. The complete digital ecosystem we propose allows you to develop a long-term relationship by increasing customer satisfaction : digital healthcare providers assessment, prevention, big data... You become a real care player and innovate by providing customer-centric solutions.

Our solutions for the full insurance lifecycle empower your capabilities, productivity and agility.

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The benchmark company in its sector


3.2 billion
euros in benefits paid


43 million
people covered


authorised health professionals


435 million
flows processed

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Our added value

We capitalise on all the expertise in the Cegedim Group to offer high-added-value products which bring together synergies throughout the health and personal insurance value chain.

Guaranteeing optimal results on schedule is our objective every day of the year. This is why we have naturally adopted the Scrum methodology, the most widespread of all agile processes to develop our solutions.

We are present on five continents and offer adapted solutions for international markets. We also boast a notable ability to manage several million covered individuals.

Innovation is both an approach we have selected and a part of our DNA: our objective is to continually offer customers new solutions, anticipating how their needs will change and breakthroughs on the horizon.

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