Our market-leading partners play an essential role
in our projects' success

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With them, we capitalise on our complementary expertise to offer our customers optimised solutions.

Cegedim Insurance Solutions launched its Partners programme in 2015. It is dedicated to businesses - integrators and consultancy firms - working in our ecosystem, and it allows us to offer them the most comprehensive solutions centred around our French and international customers' needs and specificities.

The programme allows our partners to:
  • Position themselves in this ecosystem by offering technical and consultancy services 
  • Increase their revenue through access to a very large in-built customer base (210 customers across five continents),
  • Increase the value proposition for the end customer

The partners programme in a nutshell

Guaranteeing your rights

Partnership contracts / Licensing

Ensuring commercial collaboration

Intelligence sharing about accounts,
active collaboration to benefit the customer

Training you

A support mechanism for partners to secure your investment:
  • Helping you to better detect, promote and sell a Cegedim Insurance Solutions opportunity
  • Training you and qualifying your teams to work with our software packages
  • Helping you to implement Cegedim Insurance Solutions projects

Cegedim Insurance Solutions partners: 3 major families

Business partners

We construct strategic alliances with consultancy firms whose services complement our own: we know that, together, we can increase our value proposition for our customers.

Integration partners

We establish special relationships with our partner integrators. They benefit from our training commitment, which guarantees them a certain number of qualified people in their teams, as well as access to a wide range of resources. Developing our customers' expertise and special qualities is one of the keys to a successful project.

Technology partners

Our technology partners provide supplementary solutions and services in addition to our Cegedim Insurance Solutions packages. This allows us to provide our clients with a more comprehensive service, centred on their individual needs.

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