Always looking ahead

The Cegedim Group’s values are based on our unwavering desire to provide innovative products
in step with both our customers’ changing needs and developments in technology.

A company with a vision for innovation

Innovation is not just a state of mind, it is a real process. Cegedim Insurance Solutions has designed its organisation so that it can test innovative products using the many new areas for exploration opened up by new technology and changing ways of using it. These are currently key focus area for us:


Using our solutions to make ideal use of different data exchanges about a member


Cure/care transition


Big data






Online medicine


Dedicated teams dig deep into these various topics to design new products and initial POCs.
This “laboratory” work lets us explore a whole range of issues.

For Cegedim Insurance Solutions, innovation is both a conscious decision and a part of its DNA.

The Cegedim Group’s new positioning on the entire healthcare value chain also gives us the chance to innovate by making multiple solutions interact. It is therefore possible to consider working on products which interlink service platforms, back office solutions and software for healthcare professionals.

Agile mode of organisation, laboratory mode
This organisational structure allow us to offer:

  • A range of tailored treatment options with the third-party
    payment cover offered for the non-reimbursable pharmacies,
    with a clear understanding of each product delivered 

  • Preventative healthcare online platforms:
    MyWellnessPartner, MyHospiPartner and MyCarePartner

  • The first products in our Big Data range:
    Cegedim Insurance Solutions has mobilised a team of data scientists who are exploring the field while also taking into account expected changes to legislation (particularly the application in 2018
    of European data protection laws)

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