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Actisure policy, module of health insurance core system
Insurers are looking to modernise their administrative processes by achieving 100% automation and digitalising core processes. To achieve this goal, they need a policy administration system that will improve time-to-market, the ease of doing business with distributors, internal workflows/efficiencies, data accessibility and business user satisfaction, all the while reducing systems maintenance costs, technology risk and operating costs.

Actisure’s Policy Administration system provides that competitive edge.

5 policy sub-systems

A premium management component
for billing & payments

Full life cycle management

Full and flexible Policy Administration lifecycle

Full and flexible policy administration lifecycle  


Actisure seamlessly integrates with your current internal and external systems and applications.

It manages the full policy administration lifecycle of an insurance contract, enabling the creation and administration of policies, from inception through renewal or cancellation, as well as enrolment and membership management processes.

The Policy Administration module also supports lapses, reinstatements and an extensive range of automated Mid-Term Adjustments (‘MTAs’). You can also manage all premium events (underpayment, overpayment, refund…) and payments, offering fully-automated receipting (Direct Debit, Credit card, ACH, SEPA, manual, transfers, checks…).
Actisure’s Policy Administration module includes five subsystems:
  • Individual Policy System – for individuals and affinity businesses
  • Corporate Policy System – for group businesses where each member change triggers a premium re-calculation
  • Enterprise Policy System – for larger groups usually administered by a claims fund and charged for by an administration fee
  • Capitation Policy System
  • ‘Split billing’ policy – for instances where employers and employees both make contributions to the policy premium. Actisure supports different collection methods from the employer and the beneficiary on the same policy


Actisure’s Policy Administration module includes 5 subsystems 

Separate screens 

Elements of the Corporate and Enterprise Policy Systems can be layered to allocate benefits in a hierarchy starting with the consumption of individual limits, once exhausted moving to a family allowance and latwe a company-funded ‘claims bucket’ with optional excess of loss. This facility will also allow some benefits to the fully insured and others provided by a claims fund.

All policy subsystems leverage the same underlying business processes. However, by having separate screen sets where needed, views are optimised to optimally suit the administrators’ needs.

Actisure help insurers to improve their operational efficiency. For instance our Member management portal enables client companies HR department to directly and securely manage staff movements. This can also be done through file transfers.

KEY BENEFITS OF our policy administration system

Stay ahead of the competition

Our policy administration system allows you to rapidly add or remove products as insurance needs change. It simplifies the management of your current offerings and futureproofs your ability to routinely do so going forward.

Scalable & Flexible structure

Our scalable system allows you to add new features and customers without any programming. It also adapts to the resulting changes without requiring database changes or programming.

Better operational efficiency

Actisure helps you reduce costs through improved operational efficiency by delivering:
  • Simplification and streamlining of business processes and services
  • Take advantage of Member Management on line
  • Manage bulk data entry through file transfers
  • Effective access to information.

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