Digitalising the customer journeysto strengthen loyalty

Establishing customer loyalty is increasingly hard. That's why delivering an excellent customer experience is key for insurers. Digitalising customer services through portals and mobile applications makes dialogue simpler and more fluid, thanks to online applications, more efficient processing of requests, guidance and support, personalised service, and digitalised management and documentation, to name but a few.            

Through its digital branch, Cegedim Insurance Solutions has developed a range of white label web and mobile applications for the insurance sector which will help you create value your customers will appreciate.

20+ years
of experience

3+ million
managed beneficiaries


Health insurance sector experts


Web strategy
Project owner assistance

Solutions and integration

Responsive design
Online services
Mobile & tablet applications
Bespoke portals

Business expertise

A strategic vision of challenges thanks to
20+ years of experience in Health Insurance

Cutting-edge technology

Solutions are fully developed with the latest technologies,
in compliance with Responsive design requirements :
HTML 5 / CSS3, Angular JS & Bootstrap, Angular Material

From creating to monitoring contracts throughout their lifecycle

From creating to monitoring contracts throughout their lifecycle  

A range of secured responsive portals

Member Management on Line
self-service group administration

Customers on Line
self-service member/beneficiary

Brokers on Line

manage own portfolio; commissions

Providers on Line

member lookup; on-line pre-auth

Real-time monitoring

  • A mobile app giving instant access
    to reimbursements and personal information
  • Declare claims

Help tools and guidance

  • Geolocation of healthcare professionals
  • Reimbursement calculator
  • Online third-party payment cover card for mobile phones

Personal space

  • Administrative record
  • Online third-party payment cover card for mobile phones


  • Centralised monitoring and management of contracts
    offered to employees


  • Add new employees online 


  • Hosting which  the highest standards

Increasing customer loyalty

  • A multi-channel customer journey tailored to meet consumers' needs
  • Simpler, more accessible added-value services
  • Ergonomics designed for different formats (responsive design)


  • Value chain and self service facilities
  • Multi-device support
  • Extensive catalogue of application/web services


  • Online / mobile sales for a range of products
  • Enrolment / membership management (online renewals, lifecycle management)

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