Cut costs and boost loyalty

Insurers are evolving in a changing sector. Cost containment and customer satisfaction are two main challenges. Assessing healthcare providers is part of the answer. It enables cost containment by ensuring claims’ compliance with agreed tariffs and conditions, and it provides best-in-class services to customers thanks to a good advising program.

To assess healthcare network, several topics are key to address, which are fed by different sources. Some examples: Trust Score (Claims management), Equipment Score (on site assessment), Quality of Care Score (on site assessment), Patient centricity Score (on site assessment), Transparency Score (on site assessment), Patient outcomes Score (patient surveys).

Through digital healthcare provider assessments

To help insurers cut more costs and boost loyalty, Cegedim Insurance Solutions has developed a digital assessment solution. Our core solution, In this platform, insurers can easily create several healthcare provider’s scores. They can completely be personalized. All the score that require on site's assessment are calculated through this solution, that provides : 


  • Full formularies creation capabilities

  • Full record management, maintain historical trace of overall escalations, audit workflow and relevant communication and documentation of records.

  • Notify and alarm the team by giving pop up messages

  • Generate automated reports/management dashboard for provider profiling, tracking KPI's considering process/operational/regulatory requirements

  • Fully synchronisation of audit activities documentation with the core system

  • Support workforce mobility by:
  • Allowing users to access remotely onsite at the provider's premises
  • Allowing users to work offline; and data synchronisation with the core system
  • Enable the auditor to indicate arrival and audit finished time at the provider's premises

Key benefits

A 360° view of
the healthcare provider

Based on the insurer quality criteria

A real time information

A real time treatment of the information, and delivery of the results of the on-site audits

Increase satisfaction
and loyalty

Patients portals and mobile apps can display some of those scores, upon insurers choice, so as to provide an additional healthcare player service to patients

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