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Converting insurers from payers to care players 
Access to public healthcare is key for a country’s development and stability. It is a prerequisite for sustainable social economic development.

Health systems are complex models, bringing together financing and support mechanisms which, under certain conditions, grant qualifying citizens access to primary, secondary and tertiary care. Such infrastructures rely on several stakeholder groups: insureds, health professionals, paying institutions, regulatory bodies and public authorities to name but some key players. As their interests and priorities often diverge, these systems must perform challenging balancing acts between quality of care, social equity and cost containment.

The main challenges facing public authorities are therefore: lack of expertise and experience in healthcare insurance; efficiency and costs in the health system and access to care. Through its solutions, Cegedim aims to create, install and operate the complete healthcare ecosystem required for the management and control of a global health coverage system, guaranteeing financial equilibrium and access to a suitable primary care network.

A platform connected to your entire ecosystem of healthcare lifecycles

With Cegedim Insurance Solutions, you can also implement a shared platform which will connect your entire ecosystem of healthcare lifecycles.

Major key benefits :
  • Improve the service to your members
  • Automating the handling of low value claims?
  • Stenghten checks to spot fraudulent behaviour
  • Implement healthcare policies and introduce new services (third-party outpatient payers)
  • Reduce administrative burden on healthcare professionals and institutions.

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Shared platform connected to the entire ecosystem of healthcare lifecycles 

A partnership approach

Converting insurers from payers to care players 
Furthermore,insurers are looking to convert their policyholders from payers to players, and help them take proactive measures to reduce the likelihood of future illnesses.

With Cegedim Insurance Solutions’ comprehensive suite, insurers can engage in two-way information sharing with clients, policyholders, channel and service partners to improve well-being and prevent problems rather than stepping in to fix them. Such a shift is to everybody’s benefit, both short- and long-term.

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