Delivering attractive, flexible products to
a rising number of expatriate workers

According to IPMI Digital’s white paper on “The Future of International Travel and The Role of Insurance”, there were approximately 50.5 million expats worldwide in 2013: a figure set to reach nearly 57 million by 2017. Critically, “90% of companies surveyed expect long-term expatriate assignments to remain stable or increase over the next three years”.


This represents a compelling opportunity for insurers. Providing comprehensive, tailored IPMI products is key to recruiting and retaining talent: that's why employers want to partner with providers who can deliver attractive, flexible products.

Chosen by four of the world’s top ten international health insurance providers and winner of the most recent Celent Functionality Award.

Actisure is deployed in 15 countries across five continents, where providers are achieving these results and optimising the value their resources are driving for customers and shareholders.

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Think global, act local




Leverage Actisure's proven capabilities to manage the fiscal,
language and regulatory complexities of international health insurance : multi-currency, multi-lingual and multi-tax.

Manage the fiscal language and regulatory complexity of international health insurance 



Improve Straight-Through Processing (‘STP’), allowing staff to focus on the more complex claims, reduce fraud and deliver a greater customer experience.

Focus on the more complex claims and reduce fraud 



Accelerate time-to-market for new products and improve claims management operations with Actisure’s Product Management subsystem and its intuitive, configurable building blocks.

    Accelerate time-to-market for new products 


Actisure’s Provider and Network Management module enables the comprehensive definition of individual providers through to complex network. These can be linked to contracts and agreements and automatically enforced by Actisure’s highly scalable claims engine,
which handles millions of claims per year.




Comply with local mandatory invoice formats (e.g. Dubai’s DHPO
or Abu Dhabi’s Haad) with Actisure’s adapters.


With Cegedim Insurance Solutions’ comprehensive suite, you can:

Be customer-centric and provide digital solutions to meet your customers’ needs

Through portals and mobile apps for clients, policyholders, channel and service partners, you can engage in two-way information-sharing that benefits both your individual users and your broader health ecosystem

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Reduce demand for expensive healthcare

With MyWellnessPartner, support your policyholders to detect minor physical and cognitive health issues early on and help them implement simple lifestyle changes to reduce the risk escalation into more serious and expensive problems.

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Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty

A Digital Healthcare provider’s assessment lowers out-of-pocket expenses for patients, optimises quality of treatment, and increases patient loyalty toward insurers. Thanks to portals and mobile apps, insurers can support patients during hospital stays; and, by displaying selected scores, they can inform the decision-making of patients who find themselves in similar situations in the future.

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Predict behaviour analysis

Reduce unusual behaviour through health professionals and customers’ improved understanding of controls. Our Big Data capabilities and solutions are designed to support insurers in their ‘payer to partner’ evolution.

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