Innovative third-party payment cover
to improve member services and manage reimbursements

One third-party payment cover system frees an insured customer of the duty to pay all or some of their upfront healthcare costs. It therefore gives them better access to care, especially those patients who refuse or delay treatment for financial reasons. This service is the second most sought-after in France among health insurance customers. Third-party payment cover therefore meets a real need.




Moreover, health professionals want to prioritise contact with their patients - they do not want admin to eat up all their time. They also want any third-party payment cover services they use to offer them guaranteed, quick payments.

SP Santé  
To meet these needs, through its CETIP subsidiary and iSanté and SP Santé third-party payment cover brands, Cegedim Insurance Solutions offers a modern third-party payment solution. CETIP is France's number one third-party payment cover operator, providing 2.9 billion services for 20 million beneficiaries each year. We equip private insurers who want their special characteristics to be taken into account but who also need a robust service and automated solutions.

Services delivered €2.9 billions' worth

20 million beneficiaries

200,000+authorised healthcare professionals

Our third-party payment cover solutions have three levels of service

Simple third-party payment cover

  • This essential service must offer extensive national coverage and reimburse fees charged to the patient, at the very least

Complex third-party payment cover

  • This is often associated with treatment and intervention by a healthcare network. It covers specialist areas such as optical care, dental treatment and hearing aids

Online third-party payment cover: innovative services

  • Online third-party payment cover cards available on mobile phones or via the extranet
  • Online management of health professionals' rights, in compliance with Inter-AMC
  • Online service requests
  • Online billing and payment
  • Chèque Santé, an innovative, semi-automised payment solution, particularly for non-reimbursable services
  • Geolocation of authorised health professionals

Sectors of authorised health professionals

Healthcare professionnals contracted iSanté


  • Healthcare facilities: 86%
  • Opticians: 100%
  • Radiologists: 60%
  • Doctors (to the Reunion): 93%
Healthcare professionnals contracted SP Santé


  • Laboratories:100%
  • Opticians: 100%
  • Radiologists: 60%
  • Doctors (to the Reunion): 93%

Key benefits of our online third party
payment solution


Simplified management of third-party payment cover

A single point of contact for health professionals, from invoice reception to payment, thanks to a special management platform


National coverage for all types of health professionals, including during hospitalisation

Processing of paper invoices or EDI for all input standards and formats


Monitoring in real time

A secure account with various tools:

Monitoring and managing your third-party payment cover

A geolocation service to pinpoint our authorised health professionals - also available on mobile phones

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