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outsourcing helps you tackle your challenges

Through two products - its solution for outsourcing your information system known as Activ'Cloud Services, and Activ'HDS, a hosting solution for your insured customers' health data - Cegedim Insurance Solutions lets you focus all your energies on your profession. We support your growth using fully managed, secure means of production which are available 24/7.

4 Data Centershosted in France

7 millioncovered people

More than 100customers

Ideal standards:ISO 20000 - ISO 27001 - ISAE 3402

Activ'Cloud Services gives your information system flexibility

Cegedim Insurance Solutions' dual expertise as managed service provider and software developer is unique in the medical insurance market. Outsourcing with Cegedim Insurance Solutions allows you to:
  • Rely on a partner capable of supporting your growth and aligning different means of productions at a pace that suits you and with a sense of dynamism
  • Use a secure, fully available and evolving information system, with shared required investments
  • Mobilise specialist human resources, depending on your development needs
  • Trust us to manage your service and run quality controls on it



Activ Cloud Services, security and quality control 

Activ Cloud Services a modular outsourcing system

Activ'Cloud Services gives you peace of mind and security, so you can focus on your members.

The product is optimally flexible and can adapt to models ranging from technical hosting to professional managed services using private online infrastructure.

Our work in this area has ISAE 402 accreditation and is ISO 2000 and 27 001 certified. This testifies to the efficiency of our controls and procedures and is proof of the quality service and customer satisfaction we deliver.

Activ'HDS aids your patient data

Activ HDS, hosting your patient data


There are a whole host of issues related to health data security:
  • Availability
  • Integrity
  • Confidentiality

Activ'HDS is in a position to tackle them because it is an ASIP-accredited service and it has all-important "Health Data Host" certification. This service expands our trusted third party product into a certified hosting product and it covers social security and private insurance data management, both for insurers, healthcare establishments and health professionals.
This certification attests to public authorities' willingness to guarantee that data is used and stored but also kept confidential and available over the long term. Another important factor here is ensuring that data is only accessible to people authorised in contractual agreements and that it is returned when needed or once the contract has expired.

Through its Activ'HDS product, Cegedim Assurances commits to ensuring its technical platforms are highly available (99.99%), a DRP (disaster recovery plan) is in place, access and authorisation management is managed, and data in PaaS (Platform as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) technical model is encrypted.


Activ HDS sécurity and regulatory compliance

Key benefits


Because data are at the heart of all information systems, we guarantee that they are kept complete, traceable and secure.

Availability and scalability

Platforms are available 24/7 and completely adaptable to all types of needs.

Budgetary control

Activ'Cloud Services and Activ'HDS never come with any unexpected surprises: traceability, management and making the most of budgets are central to our service.
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