Pharmaceutical third-party payments coverage
to improve service quality for your members

The third-party payments dispensary system one of the most widely used. It has undergone a major change thanks to the development of
online services, accessible from the pharmacists' workstation and thus reducing the administrative aspect of patient care.

equipped dispensaries

transactions per day

Thus, since 2013, the Visiodroits standard, developed in consultation with the pharmaceutical profession, has become widespread and offers:

  • Online checking of benefit entitlements

  • Online pricing of services based on each of the products supplied, in a wide range of cases, excluding reimbursement from the Mandatory Health Plan and self-prescription

Key benefits of our pharmacy third-party payments solution

An improvement in
health insurance provisions

  • To allow the supplementary insurance organisation to improve its services and differentiate itself with on-line support capacities for all types of products supplied (excluding catalogues, for example), and pricing on
    refined codes (CIP code)
An improvement in health insurance provisions  

Simple and secure functionality

  • To secure third-party payment practices and drastically reduce rejections and undue payments

  • Check the member's current benefit entitlements

  • Establishing the express consent of the participant based on a module trusted third party certified by the CNIL to secure access to personal health data

  • Managing your reimbursements

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