Third-party payments in the Hospital Sector
to improve financial management and productivity

Hospital care is a significant item of expenditure, which has
risen sharply in recent years.

An important development for supplementary insurers and hospitals, changing to a paperless administration system has become an essential factor for optimising management and controlling healthcare spending.

Through iSanté, Cegedim Insurance Solutions offers a modern third-party hospital payment service that addresses the current problems of healthcare facilities and supplementary insurance organisations. It includes a range of online services with high added value: online checking of benefit entitlements, support and invoicing.

3,555 registered
health facilities

+ 30% EDI invoices
with healthcare facilities

of French healthcare facilities manage their care online via the iSanté portal

Moving towards
totally paperless invoicing

In order to save a significant amount of time and money, we offer healthcare facilities the opportunity to make their invoicing process paperless, which also provides traceability.

iSanté offers a service for the concentration of paperless invoicing flows. These invoices can be managed via a portal which is available to
healthcare facilities and supplementary insurance organisations.
More than 30% of invoices are issued by healthcare institutions
using EDI.

In partnership with the developers of software for healthcare facilities,
we launched the creation of a tool dedicated to the opening of EDI in healthcare facilities.

EDI invoices, ambitious commitments

In accordance with the requirements of the ROC project

The ROC project (Reimbursement of Supplementary Insurance Organisations) aims to make the invoicing process of the supplementary portion for healthcare institutions completely paperless. This is a significant step for all the stakeholders, as it will ultimately save time and increase productivity, but it also improves services for policyholders.

Our solution was designed in anticipation of these developments:

  • Outbound flow via all types of standards
  • Return flow:
    • to the General Treasury, with the authorisation of DGFIP
    • to the healthcare facilities via the invoice tracking portal

Paper invoices

Our solution includes producing electronic versions of paper invoices. The public or private facility sends us invoices directly and can then have a complete view of their processing treatment via our invoice tracking portal.



In accordance with the requirements of the ROC project 

Online Support Portal

The iSanté portal is recognised by healthcare facilities:
over 65% manage their care online.

Also integrated into the software of the healthcare facilities (Agfa), it allows benefit entitlements to be checked online for outpatient care and online support to be requested directly from the health care facility's software. The next step is the development of the application for pre-invoicing.

3 key benefits of hospital third-party payments

Simplified organisation

  • Reduced administrative procedures
    for the member of the healthcare facility
  • Smaller volume of rejections

Handling of
management costs

  • Automatic lettering of payment settlement flows with invoices issued
  • Guarantee of payment for the healthcare facility
  • Increased profits due to reimbursement times becoming shorter

An improvement in
the service provided
for policyholders

  • Widespread third party payments
  • More accurate information on the outstanding amount

Customer case study

The MNH Mutual Fund

The MNH Group, the leading French mutual fund in the hospital sector, has a demanding and ambitious vision for the service, working hard to meet the needs of its clients: members and hospital decision-makers. In this spirit of customer engagement, the MNH Group has decided to entrust iSanté with the management of its third-party payment system for healthcare establishments.

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