A global expertise

The Cegedim Group has unique expert knowledge across the entire healthcare industry and is a leader in each of the sectors in which it operatres: solutions for health professionals, the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare insurance.
Cegedim Insurance Solutions is a business unit dedicated to the personal insurance sector and it now has a presence on every
continent with insured customers in 21 countries around the world.

€441 million
turnover in 2016 

customer countries

A group with an unparalleled positioning


First intenational software provider dedicated to health insurance  

Products adapted for international markets

Because we fully understand the healthcare sector in terms of both social security and private insurance, we have been able to fine-tune solutions adapted to various healthcare models all over the world. We can manage several million covered people, special conditions within different countries, and security guarantees around risk prevention and identifying and authenticating patients and professionals.

These complete, innovative solutions have been designed to offer insurance operators around the world flexible, high-performing services which cover all their needs, including management, production and customer relations.
Products adapted for international markets

In response to its group's targeted development strategy, in 2015 Cegedim Insurance Solutions reinforced its positioning in the international insurance scene by acquiring Activus, a leading operator in the health and personal insurance software market. Its solution won the 2015 XCelent Functionality Award (© Celent 2015).

This acquisition gave Cegedim Insurance Solutions the chance to use a benchmark solution and break into new markets such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, the USA, China, the Middle East, East Asia, Africa and Asia-Pacific. (80% of Activus' turnover comes from outside the UK.)
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