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Leader in software solutions for health and personal insurance for individuals 
Cegedim Insurance Solutions is France's market leader in software solutions for health and personal insurance for individuals.

In 2015, we redesigned our model to position ourselves as developers, gradually moving away from our original IT company model.

The idea is to design, develop and market "standardised" software solutions responding to specific needs.
Our flexible, on-premises or managed solutions have been designed to offer a made-to-measure technological response, adapted to the culture and size of the organisations managing additional health services or personal insurance as a broker or risk-bearer. Our range is made for organisations which have been delegated as social security managers.
Flexible and agile solutions ​​​​​

A customer-centred model

By working as a software developer we are responding to change in a market which has undergone profound mutations for many years. These include a new regulatory context (ANI, responsible contracts, DSN, third-party payment), an ever-changing landscape of healthcare operators (groupings, acquisitions, etc.), a growth in online communications, increasingly cramped room for manoeuvre when it comes to competing with other organisations, and online customer relationships.

When they work with a software developer, Cegedim Insurance Solutions' customers can ensure their investments' longevity with a partner who, because it is a driver of technological change, can support them through all the developments they might undergo.

Key benefits

New pricing

Pay-per-use billing through a licence fee that includes rights to use the solutions and receive corrective, development-based and regulatory maintenance, as well as dedicated support.

A development roadmap

We regularly consult our customers about functional changes and continuous improvements to our various solutions. Our roadmap is then shared with total openness.

Regulatory coverage guaranteed

When laws change, Cegedim Insurance Solutions solutions are immediately updated.

See how diverse and beneficial our solutions are

Intelligence and R&D

Veille et R&D
Every year, more than 10% of our turnover is invested in research and development.

We think it is crucial to satisfy our customers by meeting their needs as closely as possible, and these investments allow us to anticipate changes and trends in the market while staying at the cutting edge of technology.

To guarantee that our solutions conform with regulatory requirements, we also regularly take part in meetings with various bodies, such as the French National Assembly, CNAMTS, CTIP, FFSA, FNMF and RSI.
We are also partners to various associations and think tanks, our aim being to get right to the heart of debates in the personal insurance sector. These organisations include Cercle LAB, CRAPS, Healthcare Data Institute, Finance Innovation and Tech In France.

Moving towards being developers is a real revolution, both for us in-house and externally. It is letting us review our organisation and processes so that we morph into an agile company that can respond to as many people as possible.

Laurent Laloy, Software development director

Laurent Laloy, Directeur Edition 

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