A major objective for private healthcare insurance providers

Traitement des flux assurance santé 

Gathering and managing healthcare flows between different stakeholders in the sector is a major objective for additional
insurance organisations.

This is why Cegedim Insurance Solutions offers a complete range and has positioned itself as both a technical and profession-focussed operator.

As flow processors, we deal with more than 400 million healthcare data flows every year. As a profession-focussed operator, we manage third-party payment cover: nearly 20 million beneficiaries are managed using our solutions.

More than 200,000
social security-authorised healthcare professionals

Nearly 21 millions

More than 400 millions
flows processed

Flow processing center

Having been officially certified as a Service Centre by the GIE SESAM VITALE, Cegedim Insurance Solutions processes all types of healthcare
data flows, guaranteeing national coverage and managing healthcare professionals of all categories. We can gather and provide the following flows for your use:
  • SESAM Vitale FSEs and DREs
  • Third-party payment cover, for example types B2 and 615
  • DSN
  • Payment flows
Centre de services agréé SESAM Vitale
Echanges flux établissements hospitaliers
Every year, we deal with nearly 165 million invoices, more than 98% of which are online. We have the highest rate of secure electronic reimbursement requests (French DREs) on the market, and we also integrate dialogue with a high-growth sector, hospitals.

We work in close collaboration with all healthcare operators (CNAMTS, RSI, CCMSA, inter AMC association, CTIP, FFSA and FNMF).

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Opérateur tiers payant
Having been long positioned among the most high-performing third-party payment cover operators on the market, through its CETIP subsidiary and SP Santé and iSanté brands, Cegedim Insurance Solutions is the number one management platform for third-party payment cover in France, completing more than 2.9 billion services for nearly 20 million beneficiaries.

Innovative solutions to support our customers
and healthcare professionals

Standardising third-party payment covers is a new stage in our development. We are implementing innovative solutions which offer healthcare professionals a modern, ergonomic solution which has
been extensively integrated by medical software developers:
  • Simplified software for healthcare professionals,
  • in particular thanks to the integration of authorisation management, a calculator of what is covered by
    additional services, and online billing and payment.
  • Automatically matching of invoices.

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